Picking Winning Horses At The Races

Have you ever wondered how those professional punters keep picking winners after winners? While most of them claim to win most of the time, the reality is that they do lose. The difference is that they know how to lose and how to bounce back. While there are many horse betting systems and strategies very few will give you consistent winners.

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While computer software has made it much easier to analyze statistics and data there are still a lot of people who go to the races and start betting blindly. There is a big difference between gamblers and sensible handicappers. Gamblers bet blindly and usually go on tip-offs and their “gut feeling”. Good horse racing handicappers on the other hand troll through statistics and play the odds very mechanically and stick to a strict methodology.

You can’t predict every race, but if you get more scientific about it you can see how certain patterns emerge. Horses that win races have things in common. The most effective horse racing systems simply identify there patterns and gives you a step-by-step method to pick horses based on these patterns.

You don’t need to get overly sophisticated with y betting system. Often the simplest ones work best. The key thing however is to actually apply it diligently. Here’s a simple method to pick winning horses that works very well…

This horse racing system is based on the fact that 90% of the time, the favorite horse that ticks all the right boxes and that looks like it’s most likely to win, does not win. See, most people get deceived by the odds and the popularity of a horse – and it’s usually based on one impressive statistic.

They overlook the shortcomings of the horse. These horses are called false favorites because they have a statistical flaw that everybody overlooks. If you can identify these false favorites you can eliminate a lot of the favorite and thereby increase your odds of winning significantly.

Here are 3 ways to identify false favorites:

1. Eliminate favorites that has not raced in the last 35 days
2. Eliminate favorites who are not running in the same or a lesser class
3. Eliminate favorites who do not have a race speed in the top 3

This is a pretty strict criteria and often you will eliminate ALL the favorites in the race. In that case, don’t bet on that race. The success of a any good racing system relies on your self discipline to apply the rules. This system is not perfect, but as you get better with it you can have as much as a 70% win rate with it. As you get better you can start to make more refinements and start applying some of your own rules to help you pick even more winners.

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