Some Basics of Horse Racing Betting

When you are thinking of trying horse racing betting, you should try to understand the fundamentals first before you truly go into it. For you to be successful when you bet on horses, you will need to be able to understand what you are doing first. Here are some of the basics when it comes to horse betting and the types of bets you can make:

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Win – This is one of the most common and easiest to understand bets that you can place on any horse. When you bet “win” on a horse, you are wagering a certain amount of money on the chance that the horse you picked will finish the race ahead of all the other horses.

Place – You can only win from a “place” bet if the horse you chose to bet on finishes in the first two places of the race.

Show – This kind of a bet is one you make when you are wagering that the horse you chose finishes in any of the top three slots of the finishers in the race.

Across the Board – When you place an across the board bet, you are essentially placing a show bet that has options. This bet basically gives you more chances to win, especially if your horse finishes in first place. When your chosen horse finishes in third place, you collect the winnings from the show bet. When the horse places second, you can collect on two bets, namely the show and the place bet. First place means you collect on three bets. This kind of a bet is one of the bets that people often find most advantageous to bet on.

Exacta – This kind of a bet pays big but often depends on exact results hence the name. This allows you to bet on which horse you think will finish in first place and in second place. The result has to be exact for you to win.
Exacta Box – This bet is similar to the Exacta bet but gives you the chance to place two horses in either first or second place. If the two horses you chose both place in the top two, regardless of which one wins first or second, you win the bet.

Trifecta – This kind of a bet is somewhat prophetic in nature since you will need to predict the top three finishers in proper order. If you prophesy correctly, you get huge amounts of money for doing so. This is one of the most difficult bets to win but is also one of the most lucrative.

Trifecta Box – This bet is similar to the Exacta Box bet but with three horses being listed instead of only two in the winning slots. Winning this bet is dependent on all three horses finishing in the top three slots regardless of position for each.

Superfecta – Probably one of the toughest bets in horse racing betting is the superfecta. This bet requires you to place the top four of the race in proper order for you to win huge amounts of money.

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