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reviewNew Horse Racing System…Professional Punter’s System For Making A Risk-Free £1,000 a Month From A Simple “cookie-cutter” Method


If you are one of my regular subscribers then you probably know that I hate all the gimmick betting software and racing systems that’s polluting the internet. When I was first told about this “new” horse racing system I was naturally quite skeptical, but decided to try it out anyway.

Expecting yet another watered down racing system I was pleasantly surprised. This system is not entirely new, but it does have some very good “twists” that I’ve never heard of before.

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The problem with most horse racing systems is that they are either to difficult to follow or they just don’t work. This is a method that the creator, Dave Ashley has been using for the last 30 years to make a full time income from horse races.

What makes this different is that they actually guarantee that you will make money with it. What I like most about it is the fact that they don’t just give you a system, but that they actually give you the help and the coaching to make sure you implement it and make it work.

This horse racing system combines some of the proven elements of old-school betting systems with some of the most overlooked factors in choosing sure-thing winners. The Striking Rate Process is ingenious and when you see how it works you will appreciate just how powerful it is.

Although they guarantee that you will make $1000 a month I think it’s a bit over optimistic. You need to learn the system first and I would suggest that you start small and gradually up the anti instead of aiming for $1,000/month from day one.

Do I recommend you try it. Yes. It’s cheap, you can start small and they even guarantee that you will make money with it. This is a no-brainer if you want to learn a simple cookie-cutter formula for making easy money from horse races.

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articlesTips To be Successful With Horse Racing Systems

The sad truth about betting on horses is that most people lose money. Yes, it is fun and betting for the thrill is all good and well, but no one likes to lose money. This is where horse racing systems come in. They are specifically designed to help you minimize the risks involved with betting on horse races.

Although most people lose money at the races, those who do it professionally make a lot of money from it. You can say it is easy money, but it does come with the stress of taking the risks. So, what makes the difference between losing money and making money racing horses? Well, there are some subtle differences and most of them are not really in the methods, but rather in the way you use the methods.

These days you can’t really be successful without a very good horse racing system. Some are simply old-school methods while others are hi-tech computer software that analyzes every race in detail. Regardless of which path you choose to walk, you need to follow these important tips.

1. Self Discipline – this is probably the number one reason why gamblers lose money. Having the discipline to follow your betting system to the “T” is vital in making money. You simply cannot let the rules and guidelines of the system slide every now and again. You need to be very diligent and have strict self discipline at all times.

2. Remove Your Emotion – betting on horses with a “cold” and mechanical mind that is ONLY focused on the facts is the only way to win long term. Gamblers who get caught up in their emotions and who let the moment’s excitement make their decisions for them, are the ones that tend to lose. You got to remove your emotions entirely and when you do get carries away –don’t bet!

3. Persistence – no matter how good your horse racing system is, it can never guarantee you a 100% win. It is just impossible. A good betting system is only there to help you make informed decisions and limit the risk of losing as much as possible. Yes, some systems are great, but you need to develop persistence and keep going even when you lose. Remember that you are going to have both good and bad days.

Once you’ve found a horse betting system that works for you, you need to stick to it. Learn it inside out, refine it and most importantly USE it. Don’t get caught up in hot tips or the latest craze. Find something that works and play it for all it’s worth. This is how you make money at the races.


articlesHorse Racing Systems For The 21st Century…

Back in the day horse racing was pure gambling. You pick your horse based on you “gut feeling” and then hope for the best. Today, the races are not really gambling anymore. The latest horse racing systems are utilizing technology to such an extent that it’s almost become a science.

Off course, you can never predict winners with 100% certainty, but with the internet and software applications betting on horses has taken on a new dimension.

Although some people blow all the betting systems off as “mumbo-jumbo” there are the believers that swear by technology and it’s ability to pick winners. Racing systems has been around for a long time. Basically, it’s just a method to give you a set of rules that you can use to maximize your chances of winning.

Some betting systems are very simple and only looks at one or two variables while some of the newer systems takes hundreds of variables into account. In every race there are a lot of factors that can influence which horse will win. The logic is that by analyzing these factors you can make “scientific decisions” that will greatly improve your chances of picking winners.

With the internet and on-demand information, horse racing software can give you live analysis of virtually any race. It can analyze hundreds of variables and make a prediction for you based on these variables.

While most people just gamble “blindly” those who use software and horse betting systems have a much better chance simply because they have a more scientific approach. It’s not accurate every time, but the one thing it does is to eliminate a lot of the risk.

The simple fact is that winning has patterns. Certain factors influence a winning horse the majority of times. By analyzing what causes horses to win races most of the time, we can start to identify patterns. This is where software brings a whole new dimension to betting. It can help you pick horses based on these winning patterns.

Horse racing systems can greatly improve your chances of picking winners and it can greatly reduce the risk of losing. What I like is the fact that it gives you a more methodical and scientific base to make decisions. In the long terms, those who follow this approach win more than mere gamblers who just pick horse based on hunches and lame analysis from newspapers. I don’t know about you, but I want to maximize my chances of winning and that’s why I use horse betting systems.

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